Sunday, February 15, 2009

Presenters Tally - How did you stack up?

Todd and I both want to thank all of the students on our team who tried out to become presenters. What you did was not easy. Speaking in front of any audience is difficult. Trying to follow a power point while a spot light is shining at you makes it even harder. Trying to deal with technological challenges complicates the matter even more. All of these elements were imposed upon our aspiring presenters because what they will face in real life at the National Advertising Student Competition sponsored by the American Advertising Federation is even tougher. So, it's a good test run.

The presenters were judged by a panel of experts, including a representative from Texas A&M University-Kingsville Advertising firm. Here is how they ranked our presenters.

1) Lisa Lane
2) Tania Garcia
3) Savannah Martinez

They picked these three as presenters, in no particular order.

They picked the following as alternates to be chosen by us, in this order.
4) Jennifer Garcia
5) Melinda Sepulveda
6) David Brott

Todd and I still have to tally our thoughts and those of the students (some students have yet to rank our presenters). We will be announcing the choices at Tuesday's class.

Well, don't stress. Every one has a role to play on this team and all of us will work very hard to make sure we give ourselves the best chance to succeed and to make a positive impression for our team and our university.

They left it up to the class to break up the tie at the bottom but were adamant about keeping the top three presenters in the final presentation team. We can have as many as four presenters plus a "techie" in our presentation team. That means we can have four presenters, 1 alternate and one techie....for our purposes. I will double-check on that buy for now we have at least a start and it's time to get to work. Again, all of you did wonderful.

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