Sunday, February 15, 2009


Below is a list of our advertising teams plus some deadlines each must comply with. A "D" by your name means you are one of the directors for this group.

Finance Team – Tania Garcia-D, Jennifer Garcia-D, Joe Hamon, Skye Limon, Greg Stelfox, Lisa Lane.

This team must secure as much financing as possible. It is in charge of the flier/poster that is expected to raise at least $1,000 for us and also of making sure our fund-raising money is deposited into the Javelina Press Club account.

Research Team – J.R. Quintanilla-D, Edwin Vasquez-D, , Joe Hamon-D, Jennifer García, Tania García, Melinda Sepulveda, Savannah Martínez.

This team must make sure that the questions for our survey are ready and have been validated before general distribution. Also, it is in charge of coordinating the Focus Group study. The survey and the focus group study must be done within the next 10 days. It is responsible, also, for writing the research section of the Plan Book and Presentation and assisting with graphics for the Plan Book and Presentation.

Graphics and Production Team – David Brott-D, Al Andaya-D, Gregorio Stelfox, Lisa Lane, Jennifer García, Savannah Martínez.

This group is responsible for establishing the graphic pattern representation for our team in every element, including the Plan Book and the Presentation. The team is also responsible for a graphic and video information, including the shooting and editing of the television commercials and the recording of the radio commercials. It is also responsible for any guerrilla tactics developed by our team.

Plan Book Team – David Brott-D, D-Al Andaya, J.R. Quintanilla-D, Greg Stelfox, Edwin Vasquez, Savannah Martínez, Skye Limon, Tania García, Jennifer García, Lisa Lane.

This team must develop the design of the Plan Book, make sure it is followed throughout every page, and make sure it is sent off to AAF on deadline. The team must also develop the "material or text" for the Plan Book and ensure that it correlates with the script and power point of the Presentation Team.

Presentation Team – (To be Determined).

This team is responsible for all of the Presentation. It must coordinate practices, write the script and ask for any special effects it feels is needed for the presentation. The team will work closely with the Graphics and Production Team.

Costume/Stagecraft Team – Savannah Martinez-D, Skye Limon-AD, Lisa Lane.

This team must make sure we have enough money to afford our "shirts" and "uniforms." It will also work with the Presentation Team to decide the style of dress during the presentation. Last year, for example, the group decided our presenters would go "business casual" while the rest of the team wore light yellow polo shirts to the presentation.

Of course, the students in the class have final say so as to the duties and responsibilities of each team. This is YOUR TEAM.


  1. Research Team and classmates.

    hello everyone, enjoy the weekend and please read and answer the survey questions i was given to you last time during the class.
    Also have in mind and remember, I mention we need to limited the age of the study between 18 years to 21 years. I in that case we need concentrate just in this ages only.

    I hope everyone has a comment? in that way we can move up in the next step and please remember we are more short in time everyday.

    Thank you, Edwin Vasquez


    Advertising project - survey 2009




    Questions (Note: This is an anonymous survey so don’t be afraid to answer any of the following questions.)

    1. How many drinks do you usually drink at a function (party or wedding)?

    2. Has drinking been a source that has caused you to fall behind at school or work?

    3. Are you currently in a relationship?

    4. Have you ever driven after a night of binge drinking?

    5. At what age did you begin drinking?

    6. Do you drink to escape your worries?

    7. Do you think binge drinking is a serious problem?

    8. Have you ever had medical treatment after a night of binge drinking?

    9. How often in a 30-day period have you gone binge drinking?

    10. Were you raised in a single-parent family?

    11. Have you spend more on alcohol that was supposed to be spent on other things. (books,food)?

    12. Do you drink to help you feel more comfortable in social situations?

    13.Have you ever done something that you have regretted after a night of binge drinking?

    14. Did you ever have an inappropriate sexual encounter after binge drinking?

    15. Have you ever lied about your drinking?

    16.Have you ever have trouble remembering what happened as result of your drinking.(black out)?

    Thank you .. Edwin