Thursday, February 12, 2009

Advertising Team Poster - Ad letters ready

In our last class meeting it was decided that we again do our Advertising Team flier/poster. It was also decided at that time that we sell "spots" on the flier/poster. The discussion centered on selling business card size ads at $25. Two times that size at $50 and three times business card size for $100. Essentially, business card size is 2X2 inches, twice that size is 4X4 inches and four times that 6X6. Some business, however, will be satisfied by printing of their logo, address and phone number. We can do that, as well. Each one of us was to sell $100 worth of ads.

Also, the letter for the advertisers is ready. I will have some for class and others are available from Mrs. Ilda Ruiz in the Comm-TA office in the Speech Building. We need to discuss this.

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