Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Presentation Candidates to Present at Little Theatre Tuesday, Feb. 10

The Advanced Advertising class students who signed up to try out for the presentation team will do their presentations, Tuesday, Feb. 10, in the Little Theatre located in the Speech Building. Be prepared to present at least a 5-minute advertising/marketing/communications plan presentation on the business you been assigned. You are playing the role of the advertising agent trying to get the business of the account you have been assigned.

The candidates and their assignment are:

(1) Lisa Lane - Susann's Custom Jewelers
(2) Jennifer Garcia - A&B Hearing Aid & Audiology Center
(3) Savannah Martinez - JoJo Boutique/Salon Palomo
(4) Tania Garcia - "Visionarios" or The South Texas Art Museum
(5) Melinda Sepulveda - Bruno's Bath House
(6) David Brott - Knuckleheads
(7) Greg Stelfox - Dentures

The class, the professors and maybe an outside professional will work in deciding who the four "presenters" on the "presentation team" will be. Good luck!

Good luck

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