Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Pledge......

Seems like "I Pledge" will be our campaign slant for the TCC. Here are some of the "pledges" Mr. Lucas sent to you via email, in case you missed them. See you Tuesday....

I pledge:
1. Not to kill child
2. Resposiblity
3. Not to go to class hungover
4. No to puke my guts out
5. To remember the night before.
6. Die of old age
7. Stay on my feet (no keg stands)
8. To not flood my apartment.
9. Not swim with my cellphone
10. Pee in my pants
11. Loose my panties
12. Fall ( off something)
13. Written on
14. Tattoos
15. Howl at the moon
16. Not to Wake up in a strange place.
17. Fall asleep with my face in the toilet
18. To humiliated
19. Not to appear on Utube again
20. No cop car, handcuffs
21. I pledge to keep my cloths on.
22. Self image
23. Not to let another friend die
24. Never to go to jail again.
25. Epitaphs
26. Never to be superman
27. To graduate
28. Keep teeth
29. To not eat all my roomates food
30. Remember the nght
31. Talk to inanimate objects
32. No cage dancing
33. To not sing michael Jackson
34. No to walk into walls
35. No to get married
36. not to chace animals
37. not to go cow tipping
38. not to interrupt teacher in class
39. not to drunk dial
40. not to fall in to tub of ice
41. not to pimp my friends
42. not to drink and drive
43. stay under the limit
44. never to drink again when I am the designated driver
45. to remember NO means NO
46. MIP
47. Indecit exposure
48. Fall down stairs
49. Remember my name
50. Wake up tomorrow
51. Fall asleep again on the toilet
52. To keep my secrets
53. Throw up on parents
54. Not Runover my dog
55. Wake up in mexico
56. call a cab
57. not to drink charcoal again
58. drunk texting
59. eat 10 cheeseburgers
60. keep the room from spinning
61. I pledge to be a man
62. piercengs
63. no flashing
64. to show my boobs
65. not to flash unless there are beads
66. to get a profession
67. to get a life
68. not to get stupid
69. to live a life
70. to keep my liver
71. to pass up a sell
72. not to start the day with a bottle
73. hit and run
74. not to lay my life on the line
75. not to risk life
76. not to sacrifice my youth
77. nonviolence
78. to be in the clear
79. take care of my body
80. start a fire
81. to use my brain
82. drown in my own tub
83. not to leave my family
84. not to sacrifice my family
85. not to put my friends in danger
86. not to kill and innocent
87. not to be a bad mistake
88. to have no regrets
89. not to be the victum
90. to stay in control
91. not to be taken advantage of
92. to open my eyes
93. pledge to not pull a _______(insert a celebrity name)
94. to be original
95. nick nolty
96. to control actions
97. to know the facts
98. not to be like that guy
99. not to table dance
100. to make it home
101. to open the garage door first
102. to remember where I left my car
103. not to steal
104. not to leave a trail

Commercial ideas:

1. “I pledge” then cut away to scene
2. 100 pledges book
3. shots a scene for each bad thing the person will do.

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