Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Pledge......

Seems like "I Pledge" will be our campaign slant for the TCC. Here are some of the "pledges" Mr. Lucas sent to you via email, in case you missed them. See you Tuesday....

I pledge:
1. Not to kill child
2. Resposiblity
3. Not to go to class hungover
4. No to puke my guts out
5. To remember the night before.
6. Die of old age
7. Stay on my feet (no keg stands)
8. To not flood my apartment.
9. Not swim with my cellphone
10. Pee in my pants
11. Loose my panties
12. Fall ( off something)
13. Written on
14. Tattoos
15. Howl at the moon
16. Not to Wake up in a strange place.
17. Fall asleep with my face in the toilet
18. To humiliated
19. Not to appear on Utube again
20. No cop car, handcuffs
21. I pledge to keep my cloths on.
22. Self image
23. Not to let another friend die
24. Never to go to jail again.
25. Epitaphs
26. Never to be superman
27. To graduate
28. Keep teeth
29. To not eat all my roomates food
30. Remember the nght
31. Talk to inanimate objects
32. No cage dancing
33. To not sing michael Jackson
34. No to walk into walls
35. No to get married
36. not to chace animals
37. not to go cow tipping
38. not to interrupt teacher in class
39. not to drunk dial
40. not to fall in to tub of ice
41. not to pimp my friends
42. not to drink and drive
43. stay under the limit
44. never to drink again when I am the designated driver
45. to remember NO means NO
46. MIP
47. Indecit exposure
48. Fall down stairs
49. Remember my name
50. Wake up tomorrow
51. Fall asleep again on the toilet
52. To keep my secrets
53. Throw up on parents
54. Not Runover my dog
55. Wake up in mexico
56. call a cab
57. not to drink charcoal again
58. drunk texting
59. eat 10 cheeseburgers
60. keep the room from spinning
61. I pledge to be a man
62. piercengs
63. no flashing
64. to show my boobs
65. not to flash unless there are beads
66. to get a profession
67. to get a life
68. not to get stupid
69. to live a life
70. to keep my liver
71. to pass up a sell
72. not to start the day with a bottle
73. hit and run
74. not to lay my life on the line
75. not to risk life
76. not to sacrifice my youth
77. nonviolence
78. to be in the clear
79. take care of my body
80. start a fire
81. to use my brain
82. drown in my own tub
83. not to leave my family
84. not to sacrifice my family
85. not to put my friends in danger
86. not to kill and innocent
87. not to be a bad mistake
88. to have no regrets
89. not to be the victum
90. to stay in control
91. not to be taken advantage of
92. to open my eyes
93. pledge to not pull a _______(insert a celebrity name)
94. to be original
95. nick nolty
96. to control actions
97. to know the facts
98. not to be like that guy
99. not to table dance
100. to make it home
101. to open the garage door first
102. to remember where I left my car
103. not to steal
104. not to leave a trail

Commercial ideas:

1. “I pledge” then cut away to scene
2. 100 pledges book
3. shots a scene for each bad thing the person will do.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Final Survey Questionnaire

Advertising project - Survey 2009
Sex: ☐Male ☐Female
Age: ☐18 ☐19 ☐20 ☐21 ☐22 ☐23 ☐24 ☐other
Race: ☐White ☐Hispanic ☐African-American ☐other

Questions (Note: This is an anonymous survey so don’t be afraid to answer any of the following questions.)

1. At what age did you begin drinking?
☐<10 ☐11 ☐12 ☐13 ☐14 ☐15 ☐16 ☐17 ☐18 ☐19 ☐20 ☐21 ☐Do not drink

2. How many drinks do you usually drink at a function or social event (party or wedding)?
☐0 ☐1 ☐2 ☐3 ☐4 ☐5 ☐6 ☐7 ☐8 ☐9 ☐More

3. Has drinking been a source that has caused you to fall behind at school or work?
☐Yes ☐No ☐Maybe

4. Are you currently in a relationship?
☐Yes ☐No If yes, does your partner consume alcohol? ☐Yes ☐No

5. Have you ever driven after a night of binge drinking?
☐Yes ☐No ☐Maybe

6. Do you drink to escape your worries?
☐Yes ☐No ☐Maybe

7. Do you think binge drinking is a serious problem?
☐Yes ☐No ☐Maybe

8. Have you ever had medical treatment after a night of binge drinking?
☐Yes ☐No ☐Maybe

9. How often in a 30-day period have you gone binge drinking?
☐0x ☐1x ☐2x ☐3x ☐4x ☐5x ☐6x ☐7x ☐8x ☐9x ☐More

10. Were you raised in a single-parent family (at any time in your life, if so for how long)?
☐Yes ☐No If yes, how many years: ☐1 ☐2 ☐3 ☐4 ☐5 ☐6 ☐7 ☐8 ☐More

11. Have you spend more on alcohol that was supposed to be spent on other things. (books,food)?
☐Yes ☐No ☐Maybe

12. Do you drink to help you feel more comfortable in social situations?
☐Yes ☐No ☐Maybe

13.Have you ever done something that you have regretted after a night of binge drinking?
☐Yes ☐No ☐Maybe

14. Did you ever have an inappropriate sexual encounter after binge drinking?
☐Yes ☐No ☐Maybe

15. Have you ever lied about your drinking?
☐Yes ☐No ☐Maybe

16.Have you ever have trouble remembering what happened as result of your drinking.(black out)?
☐Yes ☐No ☐Maybe

17. Define binge drinking in your own words on the back.

18. Who introduced you to drinking?
☐Friend ☐Sibling ☐Parent ☐Roomate ☐Relative other ☐ Social/professional group ☐Other

Race to the AAF Deadline

TAMUK 2009 Advertising Team
Race to the Deadline

April 22 - •Trip to AAF Houston
April 21 - •Rehearsal
April 16 - •Final Rehearsal
April 14 - •Presentation team Rehearsal
April 9 - •Team reviews critique of performance.
April 7 - •Team presents in large auditorium
March 31 – •Plan book due at AAF
March 26 – •Presentation Team Practice with Mr. Paul
March 24 – •Presentation Team Practice with Mr. Paul
March 17 – •Final Plan Book presented and ready to
•Presentation Team final script ready
March 12 – •Press book put on final design template
March 10 – •Discussion on graphs and photography reviewed
•Presentation team compares graphs and
photography ideas with design team
March 5 – •Design for Plan Book Reviewed
•Presentation team outlines script
March 3 – •First draft for Plan Book ready
Feb. 26 – •Writers and designers for Plan Book Assemble

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slogan consideration

Hope you all see this. In discussions with other students, it was suggested that the slogans we picked were generic and more promotional than speaking directly to the menace of binge drinking to the 18-24 target market. It was suggested that a preventative slogan a la Jonas Brothers abstinence pledge be considered. So something like bInge with a capital I to emphasize the I could be used....since this is the millenial generation consumed with oneself...and then, at the top something like pledge to not Binge Drink during the rites of passage such as 18th birthday, 21st birthday, 1st spring break, 1st tailgate, 1st pledging, etc...just a thought...but the main thing is...we are not thinking preventively....

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Below is a list of our advertising teams plus some deadlines each must comply with. A "D" by your name means you are one of the directors for this group.

Finance Team – Tania Garcia-D, Jennifer Garcia-D, Joe Hamon, Skye Limon, Greg Stelfox, Lisa Lane.

This team must secure as much financing as possible. It is in charge of the flier/poster that is expected to raise at least $1,000 for us and also of making sure our fund-raising money is deposited into the Javelina Press Club account.

Research Team – J.R. Quintanilla-D, Edwin Vasquez-D, , Joe Hamon-D, Jennifer García, Tania García, Melinda Sepulveda, Savannah Martínez.

This team must make sure that the questions for our survey are ready and have been validated before general distribution. Also, it is in charge of coordinating the Focus Group study. The survey and the focus group study must be done within the next 10 days. It is responsible, also, for writing the research section of the Plan Book and Presentation and assisting with graphics for the Plan Book and Presentation.

Graphics and Production Team – David Brott-D, Al Andaya-D, Gregorio Stelfox, Lisa Lane, Jennifer García, Savannah Martínez.

This group is responsible for establishing the graphic pattern representation for our team in every element, including the Plan Book and the Presentation. The team is also responsible for a graphic and video information, including the shooting and editing of the television commercials and the recording of the radio commercials. It is also responsible for any guerrilla tactics developed by our team.

Plan Book Team – David Brott-D, D-Al Andaya, J.R. Quintanilla-D, Greg Stelfox, Edwin Vasquez, Savannah Martínez, Skye Limon, Tania García, Jennifer García, Lisa Lane.

This team must develop the design of the Plan Book, make sure it is followed throughout every page, and make sure it is sent off to AAF on deadline. The team must also develop the "material or text" for the Plan Book and ensure that it correlates with the script and power point of the Presentation Team.

Presentation Team – (To be Determined).

This team is responsible for all of the Presentation. It must coordinate practices, write the script and ask for any special effects it feels is needed for the presentation. The team will work closely with the Graphics and Production Team.

Costume/Stagecraft Team – Savannah Martinez-D, Skye Limon-AD, Lisa Lane.

This team must make sure we have enough money to afford our "shirts" and "uniforms." It will also work with the Presentation Team to decide the style of dress during the presentation. Last year, for example, the group decided our presenters would go "business casual" while the rest of the team wore light yellow polo shirts to the presentation.

Of course, the students in the class have final say so as to the duties and responsibilities of each team. This is YOUR TEAM.

Presenters Tally - How did you stack up?

Todd and I both want to thank all of the students on our team who tried out to become presenters. What you did was not easy. Speaking in front of any audience is difficult. Trying to follow a power point while a spot light is shining at you makes it even harder. Trying to deal with technological challenges complicates the matter even more. All of these elements were imposed upon our aspiring presenters because what they will face in real life at the National Advertising Student Competition sponsored by the American Advertising Federation is even tougher. So, it's a good test run.

The presenters were judged by a panel of experts, including a representative from Texas A&M University-Kingsville Advertising firm. Here is how they ranked our presenters.

1) Lisa Lane
2) Tania Garcia
3) Savannah Martinez

They picked these three as presenters, in no particular order.

They picked the following as alternates to be chosen by us, in this order.
4) Jennifer Garcia
5) Melinda Sepulveda
6) David Brott

Todd and I still have to tally our thoughts and those of the students (some students have yet to rank our presenters). We will be announcing the choices at Tuesday's class.

Well, don't stress. Every one has a role to play on this team and all of us will work very hard to make sure we give ourselves the best chance to succeed and to make a positive impression for our team and our university.

They left it up to the class to break up the tie at the bottom but were adamant about keeping the top three presenters in the final presentation team. We can have as many as four presenters plus a "techie" in our presentation team. That means we can have four presenters, 1 alternate and one techie....for our purposes. I will double-check on that buy for now we have at least a start and it's time to get to work. Again, all of you did wonderful.

Pick a slogan blog postings here Sunday, Feb. 15, 4 p.m.

Hello class and Happy Belated Valentine's Day. Todd and I hope all of you had a special something from a special someone that you feel makes you feel as special as you are. If not, Todd and I say, "You're special!"

Today we will be selecting a slogan, or two or three to test in our Focus Group study set sometime during the next 10 days at a place and time still to be disclosed. The Research team directors - J.R. Quintanilla, Edwin Vasquez and Joe Hamon - must coordinate the focus group study. The research team will also direct the survey and questionnaire that all of the team members will distribute sometime next week.

Below are the slogans you voted to research and vote on during our last class meeting. I added one we discussed earlier this year but somehow forgot during our discussion last week. The slogan was developed by Joe Hamon's group during the Principles of Advertising class last fall. It's "How Grim Is Your Life?" So, here it goes.......buena suerte (good luck)!

Possible Slogans
Tell yourself what your limit is - Tania

Take Control of Your Life - Jennifer

Binge now, pay later - Skye

Don’t make binge drinking a rite of passage - Savannah

Know Your Limits - Al

Don’t be a the bottom of the barrel – J.R.

How does your life stack up? - Melinda

Drink up, Go Down - Joe

Don’t let binge drink decide your future - Melinda

How Grim is Your Life? - Joe

Well, good luck with this. Call if you have questions.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Uniform discussion

We need to review our decision for "uniforms" or "dress" for the April conference and for publicity photos. We need to know what costs are entailed and if we want to secure sponsorship for this part of our expenses. Savannah, if you are in charge of this, lets take care of it by next Tuesday.

Advertising Team Poster - Ad letters ready

In our last class meeting it was decided that we again do our Advertising Team flier/poster. It was also decided at that time that we sell "spots" on the flier/poster. The discussion centered on selling business card size ads at $25. Two times that size at $50 and three times business card size for $100. Essentially, business card size is 2X2 inches, twice that size is 4X4 inches and four times that 6X6. Some business, however, will be satisfied by printing of their logo, address and phone number. We can do that, as well. Each one of us was to sell $100 worth of ads.

Also, the letter for the advertisers is ready. I will have some for class and others are available from Mrs. Ilda Ruiz in the Comm-TA office in the Speech Building. We need to discuss this.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Research Team Blog set for 4 p.m. Sunday

Remember, J.R. Quintanilla will be manning this post starting at 4 p.m. Sunday. Sign in the regular way and wait for J.R. to "comment" on the blog. The rest of the students can than "comment" and make suggestions. Do not make your posts too long. Keep it short and get to the point. Good luck. Oh, I will be on the way to the wake for the brother of Ilda's brother in Sinton. Call if you have quetions. I will try to answer.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Presentation Candidates to Present at Little Theatre Tuesday, Feb. 10

The Advanced Advertising class students who signed up to try out for the presentation team will do their presentations, Tuesday, Feb. 10, in the Little Theatre located in the Speech Building. Be prepared to present at least a 5-minute advertising/marketing/communications plan presentation on the business you been assigned. You are playing the role of the advertising agent trying to get the business of the account you have been assigned.

The candidates and their assignment are:

(1) Lisa Lane - Susann's Custom Jewelers
(2) Jennifer Garcia - A&B Hearing Aid & Audiology Center
(3) Savannah Martinez - JoJo Boutique/Salon Palomo
(4) Tania Garcia - "Visionarios" or The South Texas Art Museum
(5) Melinda Sepulveda - Bruno's Bath House
(6) David Brott - Knuckleheads
(7) Greg Stelfox - Dentures

The class, the professors and maybe an outside professional will work in deciding who the four "presenters" on the "presentation team" will be. Good luck!

Good luck