Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wrapping Up The Class

As we come to an end of the school year, please remember that we still have things to do in the class. First, each one of you must sell five t-shirts. If you recall, we had two fund raising proposals. One was to sell ads for a flier, which only Lisa Lane. Greg and I believe Al contributed to this semester. We had about $80 come in. The second was for us to sell the A&I/AMK t-shirts. Each one of you was issued five to try sell at $10 each. If each of you sell those t-shirts, each of you will bring in $50 x 12 and we will make $600. That will pay for some of our printing expenses for the shirts. Remember, the South Texan sold about 25 and we have that money. Please bring in your money as soon as possible. Also, please remember we have our peer and class evaluation next Tuesday, May 5 (Cinco de Mayo). All of you are urged for you to come to this class. After that, if you turn in your money, we are basically over. We would like to have an end-of-year party, but that's entirely up to the class. We will review this on Tuesday. Well, please sell those shirts...we need it to at least pay our bill.

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