Sunday, May 10, 2009

Final grades and money due

First, from Todd and Dr. Flores, thank you very much for participating in our class this year. We are very proud of all of you for your hard work and, more importantly, for representing our university in the National Student Advertising Competition. We did very well, as far as we are concerned.

Second, thank you for completing the end-of-year evaluations. Most of you did very well in your peer reviews. Dr. Flores will post final grades early this week, if all your work is done.

Third, you must get your T-shirt money in as soon as possible for Dr. Flores to post your grade. The agreement was to sell $50 to $100 for the poster (which we did not do) or to sell $50 worth of t-shirts. Some of you still have T-shirt money out. Please pay as soon as possible by contacting Dr. Flores in the Comm-TA office. If not, please anticipate an "I" since the advertising portion of your class is not complete.

Hope all of you have a great summer.

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