Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jenny Garcia has car accident

Just a note to the class that Jennifer Garcia was involved in a car accident Wednesday. She is in Memorial Hospital in Corpus Christi but doing well. Nothing terribly serious, from what we hear. Keep her in your prayers.


  1. I am doing alot better. But am going to have to be here for another week or 2. They want to make sure i heal from my surgery. Second major car accident for me, and in this one I landed on my roof. From witnesses there was a car in my lane on my way to my final and i had to move to avoid hitting them but hit something and went off into the creek. I AM BETTER!!!! just healing. I would love visitors and or phone calls and text messages. THANK YOU GUYS!!!

    also a family friend has all the stuff from my car including the shirts but he wants to buy them all I think. So i will pay when I get out of this place.

  2. Hola's Dr. Flores...just a note to say our prayers are with you and we hope you get well soon and that we see you soon...take care...miss you.