Friday, April 17, 2009

Presenters Practice, final PPoint, Radio TV ads

Presenters, please remember that practice is on your own. You must make plans to practice this weekend, and Monday, on your own. We will have a "dress rehearsal" on Tuesday in a room at the Memorial Student Union Building. This "dress rehearsal" will be during class. Juan Carlos Reyes, our Javelina Press Club VP, is securing a room for us today and we will post the information later. We will have the room from 330 to 630 that day to make the practice as realistic as possible. Also joining us on that day wil be Speech Instructor Paul Roberts. He will help evaluate the peformance. In addition, by this time, we should have the final selections on presenters. Attendance in practice this weekend is a big criteria. If a person does not show up to practice, how can that person be ready to perform? Keep that in mind as you schedule your own practices. In addition, please remember that the original vote had Melinda as an alternate (for all of the presenters). Regardless of the final results, she must be ready to perform in case of an emergency. Also, that means that if someone is just not making the cut at our practices, she must be ready to step in and do the job. Well, good luck. Oh, don't forget to contact David Brott about the power point and also Al Andaya about the radio ads. Everything must be ready to go on Tuesday. Every thing!

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