Thursday, April 2, 2009

Script ideas

Use this blog to post your ideas on the script. Remember, we need some dramatic element to open up and one main spokesperson at the start. The main speaker set the stage by explaining who we are, introducing our team and then explaining what we are going do...followed by something dramatic. That's one option, being professionals. You all will also have business card to hand out.....Second option, hit them with a surprise them a video that is dramatic, poignant and provocative....then do the explanation.......

Dr. Flores


  1. Intro-
    I Pledge.... (slide show)

    Justification- 1. Student's lives
    2. Society (judges)

    Thesis- Topic, Why we chose this campaign?


    No more than 5 points

    I. Restate thesis
    II. Restate Justification (try to fix)
    III. I pledge... by presenters

  2. Body Points-

    1. Binge Drinking for the purpose of this campaign. Defines part of our target audience!!!
    2. I Pledge Solution incorporated with Stand Alone Components as example
    3. Research with info that was not included in the plan book, How-focus groups, surveys
    4. Media Strategies-TV, Radio, Story Boards, Billboards, and Promos
    5. Budget!!!

    Can still be changed as time rolls by....

  3. Every second counts...I was reading about this program called every 15 minutes...the idea is that one person dies every 15 minutes in an alcohol related accident.
    This statistic has probably changed by now, but maybe for whatever the current time is we could stack a beer bottle or something during the presentation. But maybe thats off the point..