Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Madness was just that

A special thanks to Greg Stelfox and all who worked with him to try to organize our March Madness Basketball Tournament - Kingsville Style. Unfortunately, you can't fight fate. Only one team showed up - the Border Patrol - and it would up playing an intrasquad game. All the other teams - all police or county police or fire departments - were put on call or called in to work during the "chase" in the northside of our campus that day. That meant that they could not show up to "play ball" in our tournament. We still made some money and that was used to mail our Plan Book to Washington, D.C. and to San Antonio. It's a shame...this tournament was going to get us about $500 for travel. We made $80. Still, the effort was appreciated. Thanks again to Greg and all who helped.

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